Seven Regional Hubs

We operate as a community-led network spanning the globe which are comprised of seven regional hubs. Our regional hubs bring people together to exchange ideas and share their successes, challenges, and opportunities to incubate social change and build sustainable solutions. The Helper Hub provides technical support to the regional Hubs and serves as the Secretariat to the I4C Global Governance Circle, the global network’s governance body.

Our seven connected regional hubs are growing in both physical and online spaces across Africa, Central Asia, East Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean, the Middle East and North Africa, the Pacific and South Asia. Here, people exchange ideas and share their successes, challenges and opportunities in incubating social change and building sustainable solutions.

Innovation for Change is based on the idea that the diverse set of individuals and organisations that work to protect and defend these fundamental freedoms that help protect human rights around the world are better able to do so when they are connected to each other, have physical and virtual spaces in which to develop innovative solutions, and when ideas are co-created locally, then tested and scaled.