A Global Network

Innovation for Change (I4C) is a global network of people and organisations who connect, partner, and learn together to defend and strengthen civic space and overcome restrictions to our fundamental freedoms of assembly, association, and expression. We are a community-led network inspired by ideas, methods, and technologies from across different sectors. We work together on advocacy, research, network building, training, fundraising, digital literacy, and technology development.

Our seven regional hubs bring people together to exchange ideas and share their successes, challenges, and opportunities to incubate social change and build sustainable solutions. The Helper Hub provides technical support to the regional Hubs and serves as the Secretariat to the I4C Global Governance Circle, the global network’s governance body.

How we work

We start with a working definition of innovation as creating a new solution in a new context; applying an established solution in a new context; creating a new solution in an established context, and recombining established solutions to serve a specific objective. We then partner with the people, communities, movements, and organisations that are most affected by restrictions on freedom of expression, assembly, and association. We co-create and build solutions through cross-sectoral collaboration. Depending on the context this may mean bringing together youth activists and social movement leaders, lawyers and technologists, researchers and data scientists, social entrepreneurs, and likeminded governments and businesses.

As a network, we are committed to equity, diversity, human rights-based approaches, innovation and co-design. These principles guide and shape our strategy, the design of our services and products, and our governance structures and community building processes. We aim to create the conditions and enabling ecosystem for effective and impactful collaboration and real change through Systems Analysis and Design Thinking (which ensure a holistic understanding of the context and an evidence-based approach), Developmental Evaluation (which produces regular, actionable insights that enable course correction along the way), and Innovation Acceleration (which helps scale and replicate successful innovations across the network). Together these ensure an agile approach to our work.