Working and adapting across regions

A key long-term objective of the global network is to ensure that innovative solutions, once ideated and prototyped in the regions, are replicated and scaled. Two recent success stories include scaling the LAC Hub’s sharing economy platform in the MENA region and replicating LAC Hub expertise to improve access to impact funding in Africa and the Middle East.

Tabadol: Bringing a sharing economy approach to the Middle East

Building on the LAC Hub’s ComuniDAS platform, the MENA Hub is developing the second iteration of the sharing economy platform to enable the exchange of services in civil society across the region. The ultimate mission is to strengthen the capacity of the sector and encourage dynamic fundraising that enables civic activism across the MENA. The MENA version of the platform, Tabadol – which means exchange in Arabic – will incentivise users to exchange resources on the platform, primarily through a community digital currency based on blockchain technology. Tabadol users will be able to earn tokens for their collaborative work that can be traded for access to different resources and services on the platform, and users will be able to rate each other on completion of tasks. Based on the ComuniDAS model, Tabadol will promote the exchange of services and knowledge through a series of marketplaces:

A talents marketplace will connect skilled graduate and undergraduate students with NGOs and start-ups in the region, thereby creating opportunities for young people to gain professional experience

  • A resources marketplace will facilitate information sharing and collaboration
  • A spaces marketplace will allow members to exchange and share physical space
  • A pro bono legal marketplace will pilot a regional matchmaking system to connect users with legal advisors

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